Do you live with pain, fatigue, stiffness, tension, injury, reduced functioning and mobility, or a problem that restricts your ability to: move your body fully and freely, live free of illness and stress, or enjoy genuine long term health, fitness and wellbeing?

Why not try traditional therapies, such as Traditional Thai massage, cupping therapy, wholefoods and nature as medicine, which have long histories of use and results?

Traditional therapies are ideal for treating and relieving symptoms and health issues such as burn out, cellulite, common cold, cold hands and feet, constipation, depression, fatigue, fibromyalgia, insomnia, lower back pain, migraine, skin rashes, tight hips and more. They focus on the cause, take the whole body-mind-spirit into consideration and provide a non-invasive holistic solution.

I look forward to assisting you in building and maintaining long term health and independence.


“Before Jasmin, I tried physio, acupuncture, massage, chiropractic, different exercises and even cupping. I suffered numbness in my lower back, as well as in my neck after nerve damage to C5-C7. I’ve had several operations for this. I also had semi paralysis in my left leg, pain at night which prevented me from sleeping, the need to rest each day for at least 3 hours and problems to walk. What I’ve learned is that not all cupping therapists are the same. Jasmin’s skill and competency has given me my life back. Today I can go on walks and sleep at night both without pain, plus I no longer need to rest during the day. I’m very grateful for the holistic service she has given me. ❤️”

Marita H., Raufoss, nov 2019

“I came to my first session with Jasmin with no expectations and a little skepticism but I was positively surprised. Before I had only tried physio, chiropractic and magnetic impulse bodywork. Jasmin’s treatment has had a very good effect on the numbness in my arms and hands, and the pain in my shoulders. I now have more flexibility and mobility than I had before, as well as reduced pain. I’m very satisfied with Jasmin’s service.”

Hanne M., Raufoss, nov 2019

“Min opplevelse av Thai massasjen var en positiv overraskelse. Siden jeg tar mye massasje i Kambodsja, også Thai Massasje forventet jeg meg noe tilsvarende det. Men dette ble en ny opplevelse. Massasjen startet med en rolig oppvarming på bena som så gradvis økte i styrke. Jeg opplevde det som en kombinasjon av massasje og yoga øvelser. Der mine muskler ble massert og strekt i alle retninger samtidig som jeg slappet helt av. En god opplevelse. Massasjen varte i 90 min. Jeg hadde en strekk i korsryggen etter en lang flyreise, under behandlingen merket jeg en endring. Dagen etter var jeg litt øm før det forsvant helt neste dag.”

“My experience with Thai massage was a positive surprise. Every time I’m in Cambodia I get a massage, so I expected kind of the same experience with Thai massage. But it was pleasantly different. The massage started with a slow warming of the legs, which gradually increased in strength. There was a combination of massage and yoga moves. It was a nice feeling. The massage lasted about 90 mins. My lower back was sore after a long flight, and I noticed a difference during the massage. The day after I was a bit sore but the pain disappeared completely the next day.”

Haldis S., Randaberg, des 2018

“Tusen takk, Thai massasjen var gull for kroppen! 😊 Anbefales!” “Thanks so much, the Thai massage was heavenly. Recommended!”

Britt H., Hedalen, des 2018

“Jasmin gir en grundige behandling i rolig atmosfære. Dette betyr god behandling som blant annet løser opp muskulatur en sjelden bruker.” “Jasmin offers a thorough service in a relaxing atmosphere. The massage works on muscles that one rarely uses.”

John og Toril H., Sandnes, des 2018

“The number one reason why I’m a huge fan of Jasmin’s Thai massage treatment is that lovely relaxed, feel good feeling you have after a massage, which lasts much longer then any general massage I have ever had. Mine lasted for days afterwards not just for a handful of hours. Due to the stretching techniques that Jasmin uses, it got much deeper and helped more muscle groups which in return made it all hold for a longer time period. Not only does this technique work on one’s muscles, I love how it also works in releasing tension in the fascia, ligaments and internal organs. I was impressed about how she was able to move around the body with flow and a rhythm, this giving me the ultimate experience.”

Rachael W., Brisbane, March 2018


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