Nature retreat - Nature-based timeout

The need for a nature-based retreat and timeout are more important than ever before. The Great Western Tiers / Kooparoona Niara is one of the most sensational natural environments in the world, with its exceptional World Heritage Conservation Area already recognised for its uniqueness and importance.

I offer weekend retreats in the Tiers. With retreats I mean taking a step back to pause and reflect in the true sense of the phrase. These retreats will be basic and simple, especially for those who appreciate the simplicity and luxury of staying outdoors in genuine wilderness. This is not glamping in a bell tent; it’s camping under the stars with an emphasis on a low impact, minimal intrusion, leave-no-trace philosophy.

If you’re interested in:

  • Plenty of slow movement, e.g. hiking for pleasure and exploration
  • Emptying the mind of noise, e.g. time to be still and breathe
  • Engaging with the elements, e.g. listening to and watching your surroundings
  • Camping under the stars
  • Observing the silence of mother nature
  • Tuning back into your original self

Then please contact me by email: Retreats will first take place over a weekend and then later, for more experienced participants, multiple days.



In 2015 I set up Happy Bee Retreat together with my partner in Norway, as a place for guests to come and experience the slow pace and beauty of the little village where we lived. We lived surrounded by forest, lake and mountain country. It was the perfect introduction to Norway away from the glitter and glamour of the Norwegian tourist brochures. It was the real deal. We saw it as a nature retreat, a place where people could get away from the distraction of everyday life and reconnect with the natural rhythm of the great outdoors.

Please visit our old web site which is still online and showcases the Happy Bee Retreat concept.