Sliding cup massage and cupping therapy
Effective non-invasive treatment

Cupping is one of the oldest forms of therapy and has been in use on every continent around the world. Modern and traditional cupping are the perfect alternative to acupuncture and complement to similar therapies, such as Gua Sha and Baunscheidttherapie.

Cupping can be administered as an invigorating and relaxing massage, as a way of mending, knitting and working our fascia, or applied to specific organ regions, acupuncture points, meridian channels, muscle and joints, or a mix of both, to relieve tension and pain, as well as activate and speed up the body’s self-healing process.

How does cupping work? The suction associated with cupping is what makes this therapy so effective. The force is created by differences in pressure, for example, low pressure inside the cup caused by fire or pumping action.

Different grades of suction are used in cupping, sometimes up to five types, and are essential in the treatment of a patient’s condition - especially when faced with an excess or deficiency in the body. The practitioner recognises what is needed and either uses the cups to tonify or strengthen a particular organ, meridian, body region or energy – or to disperse and remove stagnation, cold or other condition.

Using the cups heavy-handedly is not always the most optimal approach. Sometimes the softest and most gentle pressure or suction is far more effective. A fundamental holistic understanding of the body, as well as its anatomy, physiology and energetic-based principles are essential.

The suction force generated while cupping helps focus and activate the body’s natural self-healing process by drawing fluid, nutrients, oxygen and energy to the area under treatment.

Oils are often used and chosen for their healing properties. In certain cases, small incisions or pin pricks can be made in the skin, and the cups applied, whereby blood is letted. Even moxa can be used with cupping.

Cupping influences the movement of fluid, energy and conditions, such as wind, dryness, dampness, cold, heat and their manifestations such as phlegm. Therefore it is a proven therapy for respiratory illnesses and digestive disorders.

Cupping is used for relieving pain, improving circulation, releasing stagnation, softening tissue, treating infection and detoxifying the body. It can speed up the healing process because of its direct and immediate stimulation of the body.

Cups can be made of glass, bone, bamboo, silicon or plastic. They can be left to stand for 15-20 minutes or used in a sliding cup massage using special oils.

A typical side effect of cupping is the discoloration of the skin after the removal of cups. There are many ways to interpret the discoloration but in general it signals the condition of our internal environment (stagnation, heat, damp, cold) and how this condition has been drawn to the surface.

Sliding cup massage along the iliotibial band, achilles, hamstrings, calves, quads, glutes, hips, lower back, feet, etc., has a similar effect on the body as foam rolling: it minimises and reduces fatigue, soreness and tightness, calms the nervous system, refreshes the body, breaks down and transports away any hard or soft build up of waste.


I offer

  • Sliding cup massage and therapeutic cupping (static / stretching)
  • Modern and traditional cupping techniques
  • Pump, silicon and glass cups with fire
  • Cupping for pain relief, relaxation, tension release, or other



  • Half hourly rate AUD$40
  • Discounts apply for multiple sessions over a long term period.


Info for clients

  • Please don’t eat 30-60 minutes before treatment
  • Sliding cup massage and cupping therapy is performed clothed except for the area to be treated
  • Massage table is provided or you can provide your own
  • Feet to be washed before the session if this area is to be treated
  • For cupping of joints, a dough will made and applied to the joint to secure the cups
  • Avoid showering a min. of 8 hours after the massage, if possible up to 2 days
  • Keep the area cupped warm and out of cold/wind/damp
  • Drink enough water afterwards to assist the body in the cleansing process


Any questions, please feel welcome to contact me on +61 (0)448 381 306 or by email.

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