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I’ve been interested and involved in traditional and natural medicine for over 30 years in one form or another, whether as a consultant, trainer, therapist or user. Traditional medicine is more than a job for me, it’s a way of thinking, living and being.

Over time, I’ve refined my ideas and practices into an all-round service, catering to not just the physical, but also mental and spiritual aspects of health and fitness.

I’ve also chosen to specialise in traditional therapies which I believe work very well together. This helps me offer all of them in a combined package with each treatment session you receive.

This means you might like me to give you a massage for your ailment but I’m more likely to give you a combination of massage, cupping, exercise and nutritional advice.

I believe the cause of imbalance in the body needs to be treated on multiple levels (wholefoods, movement, therapy, counselling, nature), not just on one, otherwise it can’t be complete or fully effective.

Sometimes it’s difficult to say how long a treatment session will take as it depends on at what stage your imbalance/condition is, how your body reacts, your general constitution, what treatment plan I’ve put together, how everything progresses, etc. Generally speaking, a session is a min. of 60-90 minutes. In special cases up to 2 hours.


Traditional Therapies I offer

I’m trained and qualified to practice in:



My hourly rate is:

  • $45 per hour for nutritional therapy consultations
  • $50 per hour for individual counselling and coaching sessions
  • $60 per hour for traditional Thai massage and cupping therapy sessions
  • $60 per hour for a personalised treatment plan combining all the above

I also offer:

  • Discounts apply if you purchase 11 treatments or sessions in advance
  • Discounts apply for online or email sessions and plans
  • People on a pension or low income budget, I offered reduced rates
  • Gift cards are available for special occasions and celebrations


  • My travel fee is $0.50 per kilometre
  • I am in the Deloraine / Meander valley region every day except Friday
  • I am in the Exeter / Launceston / Tamar valley region every Friday

For a detailed price list, please click on the individual therapy above that you’re interested in. Please note that personalised treatments include cupping and Thai massage in the same session.

If you’re wondering why my hourly rate is lower than others? My goal is to make good health affordable and available to anyone who would like it, no matter their income level. I’m open to other forms of payment other than monetary, such as barter, exchange, and so on. Please contact me to discuss any of these options.


About me


First consultation

If you’re a first time client, then the first step is to meet, sit down together, go through a thorough anamnesis, which is basically a confidential exchange of information concerning your health history, your current health condition, and to undergo a very easy-going fitness and health assessment to understand your strengths and limitations.


Treatment plan

Once we’ve had the first consultation, I’ll put together a treatment plan specific to your needs, wishes, goals and circumstances. Each treatment plan covers a minimum of 28 days or 4 weeks. I’ll update this plan as your treatment progresses and your condition changes.

To tackle any kind of major health issue, time is an essential deciding factor. Poor health develops over time, and even though medication can alleviate symptoms overnight, it usually doesn’t treat the cause. I’m interested in treating the cause, and not in offering a quick fix.


I explain every step of a treatment plan or individual therapy, and always seek your informed consent before starting. Your privacy is of utmost importance to me. What you disclose and share with me, stays with me. Each meeting and session is bound by confidentiality and you have access to the written therapeutic records that I keep about you. Should you wish to hire me as an additional complement to your current medical plan, and/or treatment that has been prescribed to you, relevant information will be shared with your GP or doctor in the strictest confidence and full cooperation will be given.


The law in Norway

The following concerns the law of alternative treatments in Norway.

For clients with a serious chronic illness: I’m only allowed to treat your illness when I work together with your doctor (with their consent and approval). For clients with an infectious disease: I’m unable to treat your disease.

All clients with a serious chronic illness and/or infectious disease: I’m allowed to provide treatment that can a) reduce or lessen the effects and symptoms of your illness or disease, or the side effects of the standard medical treatment you are receiving for said illness or disease; b) strengthen your body’s immune system and ability to self-heal, or; c) provide relief and healing, when there is no appropriate relieving or healing treatment on offer from the standard health service. At all times I require your consent.

All other clients without a serious chronic illness and/or infectious disease, you’re welcome to receive treatment from me - although I am obliged to inform you to please consult your GP first.

As a member of the NLH (Norges Landsforbund av Homøopraktikere), I am covered by insurance and am subject to the duty of patient confidentiality.

In Australia, I’ve purposefully chosen not to become a member of any particular association. My qualifications in traditional Thai massage and cupping are recognised here.


Effects of treatment

There are after effects of any kind of treatment. This is because the body is being stimulated to restore balance, to self-heal and to eliminate toxins/waste. This means you may feel tired, hot/cold, some kind of emotional release, nausea, even pain in the area stimulated (cupping), as well as thirsty or the need to go to the toilet more often. These are very natural and normal bodily reactions, and are an indication that the treatment is working and may last a number of days after receiving treatment. However, it’s not normal that these symptoms continue over a longer period of time. If this happens, please contact me immediately.



I accept cash, PayID ( and bank transfers. Please contact me for my bank account details. Invoices and receipts are sent upon request. Other forms of payment than money e.g. barter, exchange, etc., may be possible by prior arrangement only. I don’t have a smartphone and therefore no payment apps. If you would like to pay with this method, please contact me first.



Cancellation of an appointment requires 12-hours notice or the booked appointment fee will be charged. Special circumstances will of course be considered.


Rainbow friendly

I support the 🏳️‍🌈 LGBTIQ+ community and am sensitive and respectful of gender and sexual identity / needs while performing any of my therapeutic services. This also applies to persons with disabilities and neurological diversity.


Professional health service

Please note that all of my treatments and therapies are strictly non-sexual in nature. As I enter your private home to provide my holistic health service, I do so as a health professional. Any untoward behaviour will not be tolerated and may be reported to the police.



In my role as a carer, I have successfully completed the Australian government’s Covid19 safety training program.

I ask each client to supply their own sheets and pillows or bolsters for use on my massage mat and/or massage table. All items used in massage and cupping are cleaned in hot soapy water, and wiped with colloidal silver spray, eucalyptus or tea tree oils.

Please do not book an appointment if you are unwell. It is not possible to maintain a 1.5-2 metre distance during a massage, but upon request I can wear gloves. I always wash my hands before and after each massage, this is something I do regardless of the current health measures. A mask is unadvisable as treatments require deep and unrestricted breathing, as breathing is a form of waste removal and also a critical healing mechanism. However, if you require one, please by all means bring and use your own mask.

As I come to your private home, please ensure that anyone else in your home, and who needs to assist you before and after the treatment, observes the current health measures.

I am happy to treat anyone, whether they are vaccinated or unvaccinated. I am not an anti-vaxxer, I am pro-choice. Natural medicine has always offered some of the best long term healing results. The best and most comprehensive form of immunity is always natural immunity.

Any questions, please feel welcome to contact me on +61 (0)448 381 306 or by email.

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