Exercise as medicine
Movement is life

Movement is essential to long-term health; it’s both a form of preventative and therapeutic medicine. Without any kind of movement, the body’s life force, flow of energy, blood, lymph, etc., slow down, stagnate or stop altogether.

Becoming aware of our breath and body, as well as the quality of our movement, are vitally important to overall health. Movement for health is quite different to movement for the sake of exercising. When engaging in exercise, we need to consider whether what we’re doing either irritates or soothes the body. Movement should always nourish, sustain and energise; as well as circulate vitality and life force; and shouldn’t leave the body feeling exhausted and depleted.

The purpose of exercise is to nurture and build true health through the cultivation and mastery of Qi, Prana, Pneuma or Essence. This universal life force is found everywhere, in nature, humans, animals, and the cosmos. Everything we think, do or nourish our body with, whether through our senses, our intellect, our emotions, etc., should always preserve and care for our Essence, our life force. A strong Prana, Qi or Essence is the foundation for a strong immune system and long term natural health.

The perfect exercise regime includes focus on breathing and breathwork. It is our breath that livens and moves the body, and not the other way around. The breath warms us, cools us down, facilitates mindfulness and presence and more. Above all, exercise should always have the right level of intensity and the level of progression should be proportional to the individual’s actual fitness level.

Hiking, trail running, wild swimming, cold water therapy, sun bathing, dancing, singing, gardening, working with animals, walking barefoot in a park, sitting still and meditating - can all be a part of a healthy sustainable exercise regime as long as the exercise focuses on breath and harmony of mind, body and soul.

I prescribe exercises for my clients, regardless of whether they receive a Thai massage, cupping therapy or follow a nutritional therapy plan. Exercise acts as a restorative, curative and rehabilitative mechanism and process.

My priority is movement or exercise that requires minimal equipment, takes place outdoors in natural sunlight and air, provides a whole body workout, builds natural muscle, strength and proportion, looks simple but is highly effective, and can be as varied or homogenous as one requires.

The following form an essential part of my healing exercise plans:

  • Pranavidya (the wisdom of breath and energy) and pranayama (the practice of breath and energy)
  • Deep relaxation with yoga nidra (meditation with awareness, yogic being and the return within)
  • Soft yet effective exercise that builds breath and qi such as Qigong’s Ba Duan Jin, the Five Elements and Zhan Zhuang e.g. ‘standing like a tree’ and ‘holding the ball’ and more
  • Walking in nature, swimming in the wild, sitting under a tree and being still
  • Strength training use bodyweight and natural movement



  • Exercise is an integral part of every personalised client treatment plan.
  • My focus is women above the age of 40.



  • Cert III in Fitness Instruction in Australia
  • Sports Medicine at the Isolde Richter Heilpraktikerschule in Germany
  • Life long experience trail hiking
  • Ten years trail running experience
  • Two years ultra running experience
  • Three years classical yoga experience
  • Tow years Wing Chun and Qi Gong experience


Any questions, please feel welcome to contact me on +61 (0)448 381 306 or by email.

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