Exercise as medicine

Movement is life


Movement is essential to long-term health; it’s both a form of preventative and therapeutic medicine. Without any kind of movement, the body’s life force, flow of energy, blood, lymph, etc., slow down, stagnate or stop altogether.

Becoming aware of our body and breath, as well as the quality of movement is vitally important to overall health. Movement for health is quite different to movement for the sake of moving. When engaging in movement or exercising, we need to consider whether what we’re doing either irritates or stimulates the body. This concept comes from Yoga, which sees movement as more than just a physical exercise. Movement should always nourish, sustain and energise; and shouldn’t leave the body feeling exhausted and depleted.

The perfect exercise regime includes the right choice of movement or exercise, with the right focus on breathing, warming up, warming down, mental presence, environment, level of intensity, as well as level of progression proportional to the individual’s actual fitness level.

Hiking, trail running, wild swimming, ice or sun bathing, outdoor camping, moving and playing, dancing, singing, gardening, working with animals, or walking barefoot in a park - can all be a part of a healthy sustainable exercise regime.

I use free weights such as kettlebells; bodyweight and plyometric exercises; conditioning exercises such as walking, hiking, running, skipping, biking, swimming and skiing; spiritual/martial arts such as Wing Chun, Tai Chi, Yi Quan and Yoga. They each form an essential part of my personalised exercise plans.

Strength and conditioning principles and practices (body, mind and spirit) from times past, modern times and different cultures also provide an interesting perspective and foundation.

I prescribe exercises for my clients, regardless of whether they receive a Thai massage, cupping therapy or follow a nutritional therapy plan. Exercise plans can be designed for restorative, curative or rehabilitative purposes.

My priority is movement or exercise that requires minimal equipment, takes place outdoors in natural sunlight and quality air, provides a whole body workout, builds natural muscle, strength and proportion, looks simple but is highly effective, and can be as varied or homogenous as one requires.



  • Exercise is an integral part of every personalised client treatment plan.
  • My focus is women above the age of 45.



  • Cert III in Fitness Instruction in Australia
  • Sports Medicine at the Isolde Richter Heilpraktikerschule in Germany
  • Life long involvement in bodyweight training and long distance multi-day hiking
  • Eight years trail running experience
  • Four years ultra running experience
  • One year classical yoga training



Any questions, please feel welcome to contact me on +61 (0)448 381 306 or by email.

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