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Hi, I’m Jasmin Martin, currently living in the beautiful Western Creek area of Northern Tasmania, near the Great Western Tiers / Kooparoona Niara. Originally from New Zealand, I used to live and work in Norway and Germany. In Norway, I was a registered Homøopraktiker (naturopath) with Norges Landsforbund av Homøopraktikere (Norwegian Association of Alternative Therapists).

Jasmin Martin

A holistic approach to health, fitness and healing is very important to me, one that incorporates the essential concepts of traditional western, eastern and indigenous medical systems.

As a therapist, I have experience offering traditional Thai massage and cupping therapy to people with chronic pain, injuries, stress, psychosomatic problems and post-operative issues. I’ve also been a practising pure vegetarian (vegan) for 30 years and have knowledge of and experience with the fruitarian and raw food way of life.

Finding the best path to your long-lasting natural health is my number one priority as a health practitioner.



As far as family traditions go, my great grandmother was one of the first women in Russia to be accepted and trained as a medical doctor. She met her husband in Moscow, where they married, and later moved to Switzerland. Her son, my grandfather, was also a GP, with a practice in Geneva.


My passions are long distance hiking and trail running as forms of travel, time out, and connectedness with the natural world.

I’ve been bitten by the caving bug since I’ve been in Tasmania. I highly recommend coming on a cave tour with Deb Hunter who is more than just an expert on the Mole Creek karst cave system and underworld. I work together with Deb as a cave guide assistant.

Time out

Together with my partner we used to run Happy Bee Retreat, a natural retreat concept which focuses on the restorative beauty and healing power of nature. The Great Western Tiers is the backdrop for our new nature retreat concept.


If you’d like to read some of my articles about traditional medicine, natural hygiene and holistic health, then browse through my blog.

Viking code

I feel very close to the old Norse way of thinking. I particularly like this passage from the Håvamål, written by the Norse god Odin:

“Af egen Forstand
Bör Ingen prale,
Men vel i vare den tage.
Naar klog og taus
Man kommer til Hus
Sjelden hænde den Varsomme Feil,
Thi aldrig man faaer
Trofastere Ven
End megen Forstand.””

~ Havamaal, Den ældre Edda

Any questions, please feel welcome to contact me on +61 (0)448 381 306 or by email.

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