What I can and cannot do
Rules for traditional medicine practitioners

As I was originally trained and used to work in Norway and Germany, the naturterapeut and Heilpraktiker there are bound by certain legal and ethical restrictions regarding what they are able to do, offer and say about their services. For example, it’s not allowed to treat someone with an infectious disease or terminal illness in Germany.

In many countries, it’s not allowed for a natural medicine practitioner to use the ‘cure’ word when discussing treatment. Instead the practitioner can say to their client that they will be treated for any pain or suffering related to the symptoms of their particular disease or illness.

“I cannot state that my treatments will cure your bowel cancer or heal your asthma. But I can state that my treatment is ideal for relieving any intestinal problems and can help if you’re feeling out of breath.”

This doesn’t mean that a cure or healing isn’t possible. It’s important to keep in mind that there are many methods, knowledge and experiences on how to approach and treat illness, as well as build, develop and maintain long-term health.

An alternative does not mean: inadequate, ineffective, without credibility or lacking. An alternative simply means that the individual has a choice, and the right to decide for themselves.

“Prevention is better than cure”.