Nature as medicine

Our source of healing, wisdom, essence and balance


There’s a saying in Norway - Ut på tur, aldri sur. Translated it means when out bush, it’s impossible to be in a bad mood! This is so true.

Numerous studies from around the world have shown how essential our relationship with nature is for maintaining holistic health and balance. Whether its school kids spending more time outdoors learning and playing, or the growing interest in the Japanese art of forest bathing, our bond with nature reminds us of how inseparable and reliant we are on her for everything.

My guiding service is for nature-lovers, especially for women over the age of 40, who want to experience the natural, and often wild, beauty of Australia and Norway. My hiking and running tours are about deep immersion in nature - and consequently, yourself. Build enduring life skills and a sustainable life philosophy. Discover the beauty of nature’s seasons, whims, moods and expressions.

If you’d like to develop your sense of adventure and go bush, I’d be thrilled to be your guide. Whether you’re a beginner or late bloomer, it’s never too late to find your path into the wilderness.

“Look into the water, there you’ll see your reflection; look into the sky, there you’ll see a constant companion; look at the mountains, there you’ll find eternal support; look at the sun, there you’ll find a source to brighten your day and warm your spirit.”


I offer

  • Interpretive guiding for half-day, full-day, weekend or multi-day tours is possible
  • Personalised trail running and hiking itineraries
  • Assistance with outdoor gear, physical preparation, navigational skills, basic survival know-how, tour organisation, food drop logistics, reading signs from nature and more
  • A wide range of environments in Tasmania such as world heritage rainforests, mountainous central plateaus, pristine coastal beaches and waterways, and more to explore



  • Nature is an inseparable part of any treatment plan that I prepare for my clients
  • If you’d like to hire me without a treatment plan, that is also possible. Please enquire for a price based on a individual plan
  • Discounts on full day, weekend, and multi-day tours
  • Let me know your ideas, wishes and goals; we can meet in person or online to discuss these


For more information



Any questions, please feel welcome to contact me on +61 (0)448 381 306 or by email.

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