Treatment plan
For a comprehensive way forward

I offer treatment plans that combine all of my therapies. These therapies include:

  • Traditional Thai massage
  • Cupping massage and therapy
  • Nutritional therapy
  • Soft exercise such as Yoga, Qi Gong, bodyweight exercises
  • Nature as medicine

If you would rather receive a comprehensive solution to your health situation, I am available as your traditional medicine practitioner of choice.


First step

If you’re a first time client, then the first step is to meet, sit down together, go through a thorough anamnesis, which is basically a confidential exchange of information concerning your health history, and your current health and fitness.

The next step is to give you the first session of treatment using a combination of the above therapies to gauge your body’s response and note the most suitable course of progression.


Treatment plan

Once the first consultation and treatment are over, with your consent and approval I take the time to design a treatment plan specific to your needs, responses, goals and circumstances. Each treatment plan covers a minimum of 28 days or 4 weeks. I update this plan as your treatment progresses and your condition changes.

To tackle any kind of major health issue, time is an essential deciding factor. Natural health takes time to develop. Medication may alleviate symptoms overnight, but the cause takes time to discover and ultimately heal.



  • $110 for the first consultation and combined treatment
  • $360 for a 4-week treatment plan with one combined session per week
  • $720 for a 4-week treatment plan with two combined sessions per week
  • Discounts apply for long term or repeat bookings



If there is something I am unable or unqualified to assist or provide you with, I will refer you on to a respected professional whether an acupuncturist, a naturopath, a pathology service, herbalist, etc. Please see my Links page for practitioners I recommend.

I am mentored by senior traditional medicine practitioners and receive experienced advice and feedback from them.


I explain every step of a treatment plan or individual therapy, and always seek your informed consent before starting.

Your privacy is of utmost importance to me. What you disclose and share with me, stays with me. Each meeting and session is bound by confidentiality and you have access to the written therapeutic records that I keep about you.

Should you wish to hire me as an additional complement to your current medical plan, and/or treatment that has been prescribed to you, relevant information will be shared with your GP or doctor in the strictest confidence and full cooperation will be given.


Any questions, please feel welcome to contact me on +61 (0)448 381 306 or by email.

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