Bad news for vegans?

The whole idea behind choosing a vegan diet is to avoid eating sentient beings. Science has now discovered and proven that plants have feelings - and this ‘revelation’ could prove a moral dilemma for vegans world-wide.

A plant-based diet benefits from precisely the kind of ‘living nutrition’ that is the focus of this article. Raw fooders and fruitarians are highly aware of the ‘living’ element.

There is a difference between killing animals en masse to feed commercial markets, and harvesting crops and vegetables from your own garden. Humans have to eat, but how we source our food and our relationship to this source is what differentiates us.

It seems like the ones most surprised in this article are the scientists who have ‘proven’ that plants have senses and can communicate telepathically. Again, science compares nature to humans - with humans being the ultimate benchmark in their book - rather than acknowledging that most of nature’s concepts are deeper than science has been able to thus far fathom. Maybe, just maybe, someone else has already been talking about this concept long before them.


Posted by Jasmin on Jun 26, 2015

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