Plant food forests

Sustainable practices focus on man working together with nature, as an inseparable part of a greater whole.

For many generations, modern agricultural and horticultural practices have stripped the land bare and tried to ‘better’ and ‘improve’ nature. These actions have had devastating consequences, e.g. use of toxic chemicals, destruction of natural habitats, farming for profit, engineering of nature to reverse the above-mentioned devastating effects, and so on.

Food forests are not a part of the modern farming equation. Yet, they are probably one of the most natural ways to farm. Food forests are ‘high-yielding’ and ‘high in bio-diversity’, they grow in any kind of climate, and even suit urban environments. Best of all, they are ‘low-maintenance’ and imitate nature. Plants are organised according to a natural system and their inherrent companionability. No fertilising or spraying is needed, as nature takes care of itself.

Could the planning and planting of food forests help restore the natural balance in urban areas, as well as provide food freely to those living there? Instead of a lawn, why not a food forest?

Posted by Jasmin on Jul 14, 2015

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