Deep relaxation meditation

One of the ways I have healed my body has been through my mind and breath. Yoga Nidra has been a very big help and support in this. When we think of relaxation, we often forget that meditation is exactly that - relaxing, but staying awake and alert while relaxing. Meditation doesn’t have to be about chanting, praying or visualising something complex. It can simply be relaxing through breathwork by following your breath in the body, slowing it down, and through this, slowing your mind and body down. An act of grounding and centring yourself. Best of all, this can be done anywhere, anytime, and without anyone being the wiser.

Relaxation in this way means that we completely switch off and turn inward. Relaxing other ways such as watching tv, reading a book, listening to music, still involves the senses. However, breathing focuses completely on what happens within the body; we remove ourselves from our senses and go inside. It has been said that relaxing in this way is far more powerful than sleep. So a short deep relaxation session can provide you with energy, balance and stillness, required to push through the rest of your day.

For me it was important to find a nice peaceful voice, if I was to listen to a Yoga Nidra session. I also found that I felt different while listening to German, rather than English. It helped me tap into a part of me that vibrates on a different level. The lady behind 3xom yoga offers Yoga Nidra and other meditations in both English and German, so there is something for everyone. Why not give it a go?

Posted by Jasmin on Apr 12, 2023

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