Gender fluidity

Gender fluidity, along with pan sexuality, and the dismantling of the gender roles that society, religion and other institutions place on us, are currently the hot topics being discussed by ordinary people and celebrities alike.

American actress Susan Sarandon recently spoke about gender fluidity and her role in the movie Cloud Atlas, which saw her and the other actors cast cross time, identity and gender. The essence of the character, regardless of the identity, time or gender, always remained the same. Sarandon remarked on and continues to promote how important the essence of the person is, beyond the ‘boxes’ that human beings are often categorised by and organised into.

Similarly, Lisa M. Diamond’s book Sexual Fluidity: Understanding Women’s Love and Desire focuses on the hypothesis that the way a woman loves changes over time. It is neither inherently hetrosexual or homosexual, but largely dependent on the (spiritual, emotional, mental) place in which the woman finds herself at the time. Diamond’s research is based on a study of women over a ten-year period - the first such study of its kind. The bottomline of the study is love is about the person and not about their sex or gender.

How dynamic and fluid are and can humans be, if able to move beyond any model or fixed construct that is deemed the ‘norm’?


Posted by Jasmin on Jun 15, 2015

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