Age no barrier

Sixty-year-old Alf B. Dahl from Tromsø in northern Norway has completed the equivalent of 19 marathons in 19 days, by running the infamous pilgrim’s route El Camino in northern Spain. He and his mate, Jon Geir Iversen, ran together, but Iversen had to bow out due to injury. All in all Dahl ran 800 kilometres, as well as the equivalent of running up and down the height of Tromsdalstind (1238 m) ten times.

Dahl thought of the idea while on the pilgrim’s route with his wife two years ago. He only started running when he turned 45 years, and now he runs about 100-120 kilometres a week.

Despite the gruelling adventure, Dahl will return home to Tromsø and rest for a few days before undertaking the local Midnight Sun Marathon.


Posted by Jasmin on Jun 15, 2015

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