How traditional medicine works

From the book, ‘Power Healing - The Four Keys to Energizing Your Body, Mind & Spirit’ by Dr. Zhi Gang Sha, he quotes Leon Hammer M.D. from his book ‘Dragon Rises, Red Bird Flies’:

“Treating … symptoms and signs without reading in them the story of the person is a denial of the role which the patient plays in his or her own disharmony.”


“The underlying ‘cause’ as expressed by character and behaviour patterns, and not by the ‘symptoms’ is the focus. The ‘cause’ as we use the term, is not an outside invading force, a virus or bacterium; rather it is intrinsic to the individual and the lifestyle he or she generates. Chinese medicine regards a symptom as a signal of unattended, underlying issues and not as a disagreeable phenomenon to be eliminated. Symptoms are opportunities to examine one’s life, to reconsider one’s values and habits, to re-evaulate one’s personality and relationships, to expand awareness and to change… The goal of Chinese medicine is prevention of illness through the knowledge of natural law, which includes altering oneself so as to live in greater harmony with that law.”

And in his own words, Dr Sha writes,

“The Chinese have long known that people with all kinds of sicknesses can learn to activate the body’s healing power… Your body has the unparalleled ability to heal itself if given half a chance. Unblocking and moving energy through cellular vibration is the key. …cells vibrate… all of this activity radiates energy. …when cells expand, they breathe in the energy around them and transform this energy into internal matter. When cells contract, they breathe out, thereby transforming the matter inside them to energy around them. …an imbalance in the transformation between matter inside the cells and energy outside the cells… is when you get sick. Cells vibrate more strongly when you develop your energy. They also tend to vibrate in balanced patterns that support good health. When cells vibrate strongly, they influence nearby cells to vibrate in the same way [which] … encourages all the cells in your body to vibrate in the same healthy patterns. Overactive cells will create too much energy in one area of your body… a blockage occurs. When energy doesn’t flow properly in the body, conditions for poor health are established. Overactive cells may result in chronic pain, inflammation, infection, etc… undervibrating cells… may include hypofunctioning of the organs, fatigue, weakness, etc.”

He goes on to explain how acupuncture “restores energy balance and flow”, as do yoga and tai chi.

Posted by Jasmin on Apr 04, 2023

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