What is wellbeing

Wellbeing is something we gauge by how we feel about ourselves and our lives. It is not something external that we can ‘buy’ or integrate into our lives. It is an essential state of being that radiates from the inside out. Therefore to source and establish wellbeing we need to go within.

When we unravel what wellbeing is made up of we see that it’s a combination of things that work seamlessly together - our thoughts and self-messages, our emotions and feelings, our environment and the people around us, our physical health and how we nourish it.

Wellbeing is also spiritual in the sense of feeling good about our place and purpose here on Earth, and recognising how we are an inseparable part of life and nature in a non-dualistic sense.

What do we need for our being to feel well? The answer is more than just eating right and exercising enough. While we also need love and touch, connection and trust, creativity and expression, play and humour, sleep and rest - one of the most important things we need for overall wellbeing is a healthy relationship with ourselves.

How do you feel about your self? Your sense of being? Could it be better? What kind of ‘food’ are you feeding your body, mind and spirit, and how is your ‘digestion’ of this ‘food’?

Posted by Jasmin on Mar 26, 2023

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