Sitting on the floor to eat

Ever wondered why many cultures outside the Western world eat sitting on the floor? There’s a good reason for it - it’s said to be better for digestion.

There are two common poses that are done while sitting on the floor which can be explained from a yoga perspective - the first one is Sukhasana and the second is Vajrasana. Both put the core into a relaxed position, they tonify the abdominal muscles, open the hips, and lift and stretch the spine, all of which support digestion.

Vajrasana is said to be the only yoga pose allowed to be performed directly after eating, as it facilitates the gentle processing of food. Both Vajrasana and Sukhasana should be performed to one’s limit and never forced or strained.

Find the most comfortable way or half way into these poses and try them out during and after eating. Both poses are used regularly to perform meditation and pranayama in yoga, for the very reason that they relax the body, promote blood flow to the organs and increase air/oxygen flow through the lungs.

Stomach acids are also stimulated in the two poses as the torso or core is gently moved forward to eat and then returns to the upright position while chewing. Increased stomach acid and enzymes mean food is properly digested. Low stomach acid and enzymes can lead to indigestion, heartburn, bloating, flatulence and reflux.

By eating on the floor and in either Sukhasana or Vajrasana we also focus more on eating in a comfortable state, slowed down and with time to eat, thereby ultimately eating and feeling satiated from less food.

Take a look at Vajrasana here:…/finding-comfort-in-kneeling/ and Sukhasana here:

Posted by Jasmin on Jun 28, 2023

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