Stand still for health

Learn about the Qi Gong exercise called Zhan Zhang. The idea behind it is standing still like a tree and developing energy and strength from within by ‘doing nothing’. For most people this is quite a difficult thing to do, but as explained in the video it can have surprising results. A similar exercise in Yoga is Tadasana or Mountain Pose - in this case standing like a mountain.

Try the first exercise below for a couple of months, gently increasing the time you hold the pose over three week increments. So for the first three weeks 5 minutes, then the next three weeks 10 minutes and so on. Many traditional Chinese medicine practitioners talk about Zhan Zhang as a healing exercise for the complete body, mind and soul. This is the aim of Qi Gong, and also Yoga, to unite the body, mind and soul through breath and stillness.

Posted by Jasmin on Apr 13, 2023

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