What is honey massage?

The tradition of honey massage is well known and widely used in western and eastern European countries, like the Ukraine and Germany. A honey massage uses pure raw honey as its medium and is excellent for skin, metabolic and lymphatic issues. Raw unadulterated honey’s healing benefits and medicinal properties are well documented. When used in massage, its stickiness is instrumental in stimulating the body.

At first this kind of massage can feel quite vigorous, but over time, our skin gets used to the friction caused by the practitioner’s hands and the honey. The actual massage technique is more of a pressing and lifting technique, and lasts anywhere between 15-30 minutes. During the massage the honey starts to change colour and consistency; this is due to the type of impurities drawn out of the body. The massage ends when the honey has been absorbed by the skin, and the leftover waste can be washed off.

Our skin is one of the largest organs in our body. It’s also one of the most powerful detoxification sites and our primary outer layer of defence. Several sessions are required (over a period of a month or more) if particular health conditions are the focus of the massage, such as lymphatic drainage, metabolic activation, skin cleansing, loosening of tissue deposits, musculoskeletal pain or increased circulation.

Posted by Jasmin on Jan 04, 2024

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