Digestion is key to health

Digestion is probably one of the most important aspects of our health. Good digestion means we’re able to absorb and assimilate the food we eat properly, and for the organs and meridians such as the spleen and stomach, to extract the nutrients our cells require for a well functioning body.

It’s not only that but digestion is involved in the production and flow of blood and qi or energy throughout the body. When a deficiency or excess, stagnation or inflammation occur, look to digestion for clues. Digestion is often overlooked, especially in a busy schedule or day. However, digestion is a major player and key to health, along with the food we eat. Digestion is also so much more.

Digestion is affected by how we eat, e.g. standing, in the car, running to the next appointment, in a noisy environment, and how much we eat, e.g. overloading our stomach, skipping meals, eating late at night, binging and more.

Digestion loves quiet and calm. It loves food that nurtures, nourishes and is warming and above all, easy to digest. Predigested food such as those that are fermented support our digestive system by giving it a break.

Eating mono meals, or lightly steamed dishes, with happy combinations, are all something to consider. Fresh, organic and local produce that you can harvest from your own garden contain maximum nutrients and goodness.

Emotional and mental digestion also affects our digestive system. Stress, trauma, non-stop thoughts, negative self-messages, daily events, relationships and more, are all a part of our digestion.

We as human beings are more than the physical, we are equal parts emotional, spiritual, psychological and more. All these play a role in our digestion.

Posted by Jasmin on Jun 30, 2023

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